Saturday, December 21, 2013

Memorial Chapel Mystery

On the campus of Lake Junaluska, a United Methodist Church Conference and Retreat Center in the western mountains of North Carolina, is a beautiful Chapel erected to honor military service people from the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church who served during World War II.   The building and all aspects concerning it were to be, and are, a work of art.   That included a number of stained glass windows.   The building, furnishings and overall construction gives a visitor a deep sense of awe when entering.  

The stained glass windows have embedded in them a number of symbols that their meaning is not known to anyone at Lake Junaluska.  Through research spanning the past three years, I have determined that these symbols ARE NOT Christian, Masonic, satanic, Native American, Celtic, or any symbols stained glass artist in this country use or recognize.  


  1. I think you are definitely on the right track with the Psyanka symbols. At first glance all the "nets" symbolize either good fishing, plenty, or the Christianized "fishers of men". Triangles for Earth, Air and Water, or the Christian Trinity or Faith Hope and Love. Dots or Circles for water, rain, or Mary's Tears or Jesus's blood. I will keep researching to find more specific meanings for you.


    1. I have developed a couple of spread sheets that makes it easier to understand the relationship of several of the symbols. They also help by taking out the repeats, and so that I can focus on specific symbols.

      I will be glad to send them to you if you will send me your email address. I am not ready to share these spread sheet with the general public at this point.

      John Hooper

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