Sunday, June 12, 2016

After 6 years of "research" and a lot of procrastination, The book has finally been published!  The Mystery of Memorial Chapel is now a reality and available from two places on the internet:  Amazon. com and Create  The preferred location might be:  The book's description is as follows:

There is no mention in any of the historical writings of the relatively small embedded symbols found in each of the stained glass windows of Memorial Chapel. For the past 65 years, the source and meaning of these embedded symbols has been a mystery. Those charged with the design and construction of the Chapel never requested such symbols be added to the windows. They did not authorize them; they did not approve them; but, they are in each of the windows in the Chapel and the Room of Memory.
What motivated a young Ukrainian to add Pysanky symbolism to the windows? Did he feel the windows needed something more than what was specified? Or, did he want to add his personal tribute to World War II Veterans? This may explain why he never inserted Pysanky symbols into any other stained glass windows in all the years he designed and constructed stained glass windows.
These symbols add great spiritual value to each window. With the source and meaning now known, visitors can experience a greater depth of appreciation for military service. When visiting Memorial Chapel and remembering the more than 90,000 veterans it honors, a visitor should experience a great sense of awe and reverence. You may find it a very humbling experience. There may be people of any age in private prayer. You are welcome to pause and join them. In your prayers, ask God for grace, peace, and wholeness on this earth.

I sincerely hope you find the book informative and interesting.

John Hooper